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How do I clean my Blundstone shoes?

Shoes in your closet that really need to be serviced? It is important that your shoes are well protected against moisture and dirt, to keep them beautiful for as long as possible. Every shoe is made of different material and must be treated in a certain way. Today it’s time for shoe lover Claudia to protect her shoes. Claudia is a 26 years old mother who works at a law firm in Amsterdam and she absolutely loves shoes. Claudia has four pairs of leather shoes, she uses each shoe for a different occasion.

What do you need?

There are different types of leather. Each leather shoe can therefore be made of a different type of leather. Claudia has four types of leather shoes herself, patent leather, suede, smooth leather and greased leather. Her two years old daughter also has a pair of cute leather boots. Claudia has various products to treat her different types of leather shoes. Each type of leather needs different care. For example, Claudia always uses a damp cloth, a brush, the correct color shoe polish, a polishing cloth, a polishing brush and a good spray.

Patent leather

The first pair of shoes that Claudia noticed are her amazing patent leather shoes. She uses these for festive and chic occasions and often combines them with a dress or a pair trousers. The effect of patent leather is visible through a special layer that is placed over the normal leather. This layer of lacquer also ensures that water doesn’t get through the shoes. To maintain her patent leather shoes, Claudia occasionally rubs the shoes with a paint cleaner. This ensures that the coating will not dry out. If there are stains on her shoes, she will clean this with a dry of damp cloth.


Besides the patent leather shoes, Claudia also owns a gorgeous pair of suede boots. She wears these to work almost every day. Keeping your suede boots clean is a tricky part. Claudia makes sure she does not wear these shoes on rainy days, because she noticed with a previous pair of suede shoes that suede shoes are not very resistant to water and dirt. Suede is a critical material that needs extra attention. Claudia gives her shoes this extra attention. Every month she uses a special suede spray. The moment she sees a stain on her shoe, she uses a special suede or nubuck brush to remove the stain carefully.

Smooth leather

Claudia uses her smooth leather boots mainly in her free time. These shoes are very easy to clean, which is perfect for the often rainy weather in the Netherlands. When the boots get dirty, Claudia brushes them off and rubs the boots with a cloth. To properly maintain these smooth leather boots, Claudia uses a special cream. This cream ensures that the leather does not dry and will therefore remain beautiful for a long time.

Greased leather

The fourth and last pair of leather shoes that Claudia has in her closet are made of greased leather. When Claudia goes out for a walk in the park with her dog, she always wears her greasy leather shoes. In addition, she also wears these when she goes out for the weekly long walk through the neighborhood with her best friend or when she does other outdoor activities. The name of this leather actually already indicates it, greased leather has a layer of grease. Claudia applies a layer of wax on these shoes during the shoe cleaning hour. This layer of wax ensures that the shoes remain flexible.

Imitation leather

Claudia’s daughter has imitation leather boots. Claudia has chosen to buy boots of this type of leather for her daughter. Because artificial leather is made of synthetic material and therefore difficult to absorb water and dirt. However, the shoes are easy to clean. Her daughter can plat outside, make her shoes dirty, it is not a big deal. Claudia always cleans her daughters’ shoes with a damp cloth. This is the way to keep the shoes beautiful. Claudia also decides to spray the boots of her daughter, she uses a normal regular shoe spray. She always checks carefully whether she has the right spray. It is very important to use the right products for the right leather.

Always check the products you use. Ask your local seller for advise or call the Blundstone retailer/distributor. Wrong products could damage the shoes a lot.

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