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Blundstone 1615


A tough chelsea boot from the classic collection. The Blundstone 1615 has a tough look because of the dark olive suede and is perfect to combine with different coloured outfits. High comfort and quality ensure that you can enjoy these boots for a long time.



Blundstone model original dark olive 1615 waxed suede

Dark olive suede a beautiful color with a tough look. High comfort and the best quality ensure the perfect combination. The 1615 is a Blundstone Original in suede green, which is also water-repellent. The suede is intended for all weather forecasts. These are boots that you can easily take with you to a winter sports holiday, girlfriend weekend, men’s weekend or an outdoor week. The perfect men’s shoes but also ladies’ shoes of this time. Suede chelsea boots fit in any wardrobe.

The Blundstone 1615 dark olive suede

The Blundstone 1615 has a tough look. As one of the few models in a dark suede version, this boot is perfect to wear in the winter. The dark olive color combined with the black elastic and black sole fits perfectly. Combine the Blundstone 1615 with cool jeans and your outfit is complete! A shoe with a round nose and an anti-slip sole.

Fit of the green chelsea boot 1615

The shoes are easy to put on with the distinctive Blundstone labels, not only recognizable but also functional! The convenience is then converted into comfort. The high quality PU sole and the ventilating insole ensure that tired feet are prevented and the shoes stay extra fresh after a long day. The footbed is completely removable, it is also possible to use your own insoles, for example orthotic soles.

The classic green Blundstone 1615 in short

• Elegant green (dark olive) suede chelsea boots with black elastic
• Removable footbed for possibly your own orthotic insoles
• Lightweight and heat resistant up to 110 degrees TPU outsole
• Flexible grip
• Suede chelsea boots
• Indestructible
• Label patch
• Flexible sole
• Round nose
• Water repellent

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Order your shoes, within the Benelux and Germany , before 16:00. Then we can ship them the same day. Do you order for more than €100,-? Then you don’t even have to pay shipping costs!

For orders from Austria, Italy, France and Spain the shipping and return costs are for your own account and the delivery time is 2-3 working days.

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Verschillen tussen de originals en de classics

  • Het voetbed (inlegzooltje) van de classics heeft op de hak nog extra poron inzet. Dit hebben de originals alleen in de schoen zitten en niet in het voetbed (standaard inlegzooltje)
  • Classics hebben in de zool extra sps (shock protection system) . dit zie je met het oog niet maar het staat op de zool bij de classics. Het is verwerkt in de schoen. Dit sps kan zorgen voor gevoel van nog minder vermoeidheid en minder pijn in de rug. Het vangt nog beter schokken op met lopen. De druk op de voeten neemt af. Zorg dat wanneer het losse voetbed is versleten dat het tijdig wordt vervangen. De Xtreme footbeds (luxe losse inleg zooltjes) zijn los te bestellen en zorgt voor comfort wanneer het zooltje versleten is.
  • De wreef van de classics is ronder en heeft op de wreef meer ruimte. Ook op het teen gedeelte hebben de classics meer ruimte dan de originals
  • De omvang van de originals is op de wreef 262 mm
  • De omvang van de classics is op de wreef 266 mm
  • De instap kan hierdoor voor mensen met een hogere wreef net wat meer comfort bieden. Ook de voering zorgt voor een makkelijke instap.
  • De 0riginals zijn iets platter op het teen gedeelte dan de classics.
  • Het profiel van de originals is net iets anders dan van de classics.
  • De originals worden in 1 proces ingespoten onder de schoen.
  • De classics hebben twee aparte zolen en dus een ander proces van maken van de schoen.

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Differences between the originals and classics

  • The footbed (insole) of the classics has extra poron inserts on the heel. The originals only have this in the shoe and not in the footbed (standard insole).
  • Classics have extra sps (shock protection system) incorporated in the sole. This sps can provide a feeling of even less fatigue and less pain in the back. It absorbs shocks even better when walking. The pressure on the feet decreases. Make sure that when the loose footbed is worn it is replaced in time. The Xtreme footbeds (luxury loose insoles) can be ordered separately and provide comfort when the sole is worn out.
  • The instep of the classics is rounder and has more space on the instep. Also on the toe part the classics have more space than the originals.
  • The size of the originals on the instep is 262 mm
  • The size of the classics on the instep is 266 mm
  • As a result, the entrance can offer just that little bit more comfort for people with a higher instep. The lining also ensures easy entry.
  • The originals are slightly flatter on the toe part than the classics.
  • The profile of the originals is slightly different from the classics.
  • The originals are injected in 1 process under the shoe.
  • The classics have two separate soles and therefore a different process of making the shoe.