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Blundstone in the media

Fashionable Blundstone kids

Children want nothing more than to be independent and we see them as fashionable Blundstone kids. The urge “independence” stimulates them to discover how

How do I clean my Blundstone shoes?

Shoes in your closet that really need to be serviced? It is important that your shoes are well protected against moisture and dirt, to

Painful feet, a thing of the past.

Many people experience painful feet during the day, they wear shoes without the right support. Pain in the heel and feet are two things

Chelsea boots for women

The perfect birthday gift It’s that time of the year! My birthday is in a couple of weeks. In three weeks, I will be

Blundstone, a thriving business

Blundstone, a thriving business. Finally! After a boat trip of 93 days from the United Kingdom, John Blundstone and his sons reached the mainland

Chelsea boots for men

The Blundstone chelsea boots for men are on my wishlist I am sure I am not the only one with a wishlist. Some have