The history began when the brothers James and Thomas Cuthbertson left England on the “Corramandel” on their way to Melbourne and landed in Hobart Town, blown out in the roaring 1940s. James Cuthbertson started his own business, making and importing shoes. James married, had two sons, and left the now-blooming business to his firstborn, James II.

John and Eliza Blundstone arrived in Hobart on this “Conway” from Derbyshire around this time. Like James Cuthbertson, John was also experienced in shoe manufacturing and soon started doing business in Liverpool Street, Hobart.


In 1892, John had set up and expanded a factory to a building on either side of Collins Street, taking his son into the business.


John Blundstone and Son were formed and shortly afterwards a purpose-built two-story site was built on Campbell Street.


James and Thomas Cuthbertson bought Blundstone Pty. Ltd. They merged the manufacturing business under the Blundstone name and kept the family name for the South Hobart tannery.


Blundstone became the first Australian shoe manufacturer to receive a design award from the Industrial Design Council of Australia.


Recipient of an Australian Export Award.


Started the production of waterproof injection molded footwear (rubber boots).


Blundstone took over another shoe company: John Bull Footwear, which was founded in New Zealand in 1934.


Blundstone’s legendary comfort has evolved with the introduction of SPS x ~ tra.


Blundstone has released the Xfoot range of premium safety boots, with revolutionary underfoot comfort and SPS MAX.


Blundstone became the official naming sponsor of the world-class cricket facility in Bellerive in southern Tasmania, now known as the Blundstone Arena, Bellerive.


Blundstone continues to expand worldwide and currently sells to more than 50 countries on 5 continents. Despite growing into one of the world’s most recognizable boot brands, the company maintains its Tasmanian roots and maintains its family values.