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Stylish black boots

Stylish black boots

Timeless and fashionable, that’s what our stylish black boots represent. These boots are a true fashion statement for your outfit. Blundstone has a pair of boots in the collection for everyone. Men, women, and children can all indulge in the beautiful models. Whether you prefer a rounded toe or a more square one, blue or black, everything is possible. You can wear these boots for any occasion. They are the epitome of a timeless and fashionable clothing item. These stylish black boots are the perfect shoes for you!

Blundstone is the brand for fashion-conscious men, women and, last but not least, children. Do you also love combining new trends and different styles? Then you’ve come to the right place. You wear these chelsea boots to work, school, a drink or a party. Although the models all belong to the chelsea boot family, they are all very different. There is undoubtedly a model to your liking. Blundstone uses different kinds of leather. Smooth leather, nubuck and suede are in our collection. The beautiful details and professional finish will take your outfit to the next level.

For example...

Attending a beautiful party? Wear the boots with a skirt or dress. Whether it’s a lovely A-line dress/skirt or a more fitted style, it all works perfectly with the stylish black boots. You create your own look that will steal the show.

Prefer pants? No problem at all. It’s also possible to pair a pair of stylish black boots with this clothing item. From skinny jeans to a looser fit like flared pants, anything goes. You ensure that the Chelsea boots stand out beautifully. Want to accentuate your legs more? Wear high-waisted pants. With the Chelsea boots, your legs will appear endlessly long, fantastic, right?

Where did it all start?

Just a quick recap. Blundstone comes from Tasmania, Australia. For over 150 years Blundstone is a real family business. A family with a great passion for chelsea boots. Blundstone is the brand for a classic, comfortable and very stylish shoe. The shoes are also easy to recognize by the two brand labels. Not only convenient to put on the shoe but also an extra detail!

The boots have a special PU – polyurethane sole. In addition, there is extra absorption material in the sole. This together ensures the well-known Shock Protection System (SPS) of Blundstone. And nothing is less true, you really feel it! The sole is also extremely light and flexible. If you use special orthopedic soles you can easily wear them in the Blundstone chelsea boots.
Which outfit do you wear with these comfortable boots?

An online shopping experience just for you!

We have the most beautiful chelsea boots for you! Besides the fact that the boots are real eye-catchers, they are made of the best quality leather and suede. Blundstone has an eye for quality and finds it important to give this to its customers.

Now you can easily buy the boots in our webshop. Your favourite model not in stock? Don’t worry, sign up for the waiting list and receive a message when the shoes are in stock. And as you probably already knew: if you order before four o’clock, you will get it tomorrow. We offer you the fastest service. In the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg, orders above 100,- will even be shipped for free!

In addition to our webshop, we also have severalpoints of sale in the Benelux. Take a quick look at our website and find your nearest shop. Don’t wait too long, because doubting too long has never made anyone better!

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