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Chelsea boots for men

My bucket list

I guess i’am not the only one who has a bucketlist. Some people have a bucket list for activities, such as skydiving or bungee jumping. Others make a bucket list with destinations they still want to visit. I am definitely one of those last people. The past years I made a list of the most cool and beautiful destinations I want to travel to at least for once in my life. I prefer to visit these destinations shortly after each other and therefore I would like to travel the world. Traveling with myself for a few months. Just relax and enjoy the place where I’m at that moment. Sounds amazing, right?

Searching for…

My friends thought I was crazy. ‘’Bas are you going to travel alone for three months?’’ ‘’That will never work out well”. I let them talk, however I knew I could travel by myself! So, like I said, I’ve spent the past few years thinking about the places I want to visit. Personally, I really enjoy going out for a long walk. So, I filtered the best possible countries.


The countries I would like to discover are America, Canada and Australia. These three countries have such beautiful areas and landscapes. Besides that, I have never been there before. I have not decided which places I exactly want to visit yet. However, that’s no big deal. Besides, I stull plan to ask my best friend Martijn to join me. I know I told you I could go on my own, however, it’s more fun with the two of us. In addition, he is also pretty adventurous and likes a though challenge. I have known Martijn since primary school and we are still very close. I decided to text him to tell him about my plan.

A few moments later I received a response from Martijn, he is about to join me on the trip! I’ am very happy with that, because sometimes it can me quite lonely to make such a long journey all alone. Martijn and I decided to come together next week to discuss a few things about the trip.


Martijn came over to discuss the trip together with me. He mentioned that he liked to go on a long journey, visiting beautiful landscapes and nature. He only had to arrange a few more things for the trip. I wondered what else he needed. ‘’The right shoes, for example,’’ said Martijn. ‘’ah yes that right’’ I said. Let’s get back to the trip. I told Martijn, let’s hire a camper or car in every country we visit. That’s the way we can travel around ourselves. Martijn was as excited as I am, we are getting there.


Although the journey has not started yet, I can of course already collect all the necessary stuff. Since we will be on the road a lot and want to visit many destinations, I do need the right products. For example, multiple sets of clothes for different weather conditions and the right shoes are the most important things for now. I looked inside my wardrobe and the problem of the sets of clothes was quickly solved. The problem is the right shoes! I want comfortable shoes, I can walk on for a long time. Besides that, they have to look fashionable too.

Ik ging even in mijn kledingkast kijken en het probleem van de kleding was al snel opgelost! Nu alleen nog de juiste herenschoenen. Ik heb schoenen nodig waar ik lang op kan lopen, die comfortabel zijn en ze mogen er van mij ook wel mooi uitzien ;-). 

Blundstone boots

I ended up online at the Blundstone web shop. I see that they sell shoes that offer a lot of comfort and thus prevent your feet from getting hurt quickly. And honestly the shoes I have seen on the website are very fashionable as well! I decided to order two pairs of shoes. The delivery was pretty fast. I tried on the shoes and they fit wonderful. I take these boots with me on the trip for sure. I immediately send Martijn a message that he should take a look at the Blundstone website as well. He was getting excited about the shoes as well. Now I have everything I need and I am well prepared for the beautiful journey.