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Heel spur, trying to find the perfect shoe.

Heel spur, trying to find the perfect shoe over and over again. Nothing is more annoying than buying a brand-new pair of shoes and in the first weeks you are already suffering from heel spur. To paraphrase, pain in the heel from your shoes. Do you recognize this kind of pain? Please read further and who know, you might find the right solution for your feet. What does heel spur exactly mean, what are the symptoms, causes, consequences and more importantly: what is the best solution for people who are suffering from heel spur? We are about to answer all those questions in the following blog.

Heel spur, trying to find the perfect shoe.

Heel spur is a calcification of the tendon plate on the heel bone, sometimes this causes inflammation under the heel. This human calcification looks a little bit like spurs used in the horse-riding sport. This is why they found out the name ‘heel spur’. The calcification of the heel bone does not have to cause any complaints or pain, but it regularly accompanied by a painful inflammation of the tendon. This tendon runs along the bottom of the foot. The tendon connects the heel bone to the bottom of the foot. Heel spur, trying to find the perfect shoe is a case a lot of people suffer from.

Some of the main symptoms are pain on the heel, when standing or walking for a long time. Calcium in the tendon plate, stiffness in the tendon plate under the foot and heel pain when driving. Do you recognize any of these problems? Then you probably suffer from heel spurs. When having heel spur, trying to find the perfect shoe is very difficult. Heel spur is very painful and something you want to avoid. More than 10% of the people indicate that they have ever suffered from heel spurs. The age category is on average between 40 and 60 years old.

There are several causes

Heel spur is caused by irritation of the attachment of the sole of the foot tendon. Overloading of the heel or tendons is often the cause of heel spur. Dealing with heel spur makes it difficult to find the perfect shoe. The most common causes of heel or foot strain are sports (especially running). Stiff calf muscles or wearing a bad shoe. You get pain when walking, especially when standing up causes pain under the heel.

The treatment

Don’t worry, there are different treatment while dealing with heel spur. Pain on the foot, heel, toes, tendons and when walking is something of the past with the right treatment. If you have not been suffering from heel spurs for a long time, self-help can often be the most effective and reduce foot pain. Consider, for example, resting, doing good stretching exercises, wearing good shoes and possibly the use of insoles. Not the right solution? You could contact your doctor or therapist to resolve or reduce the pain. Often the position of the foot is assessed and they recommend exercises or orthotics. Only in this way you can deal with heel spur and find the perfect shoe.

Welk product kan helpen bij hielspoor?

Zoals eerder aangegeven, is hielspoor soms op te lossen door zelfhulp. Door het dragen van goede schoenen met de juiste ondersteuning kan je de pijn verminderen in de hiel en wordt de peesspier gecorrigeerd. Gelukkig kan door het dragen van goede schoenen ook de pijn verminderen. Hielspoor zit onder de voet, waardoor het dragen van de juiste schoen erg belangrijk is. Schoenen die niet genoeg ondersteunen of niet goed passen zullen alleen maar meer pijn veroorzaken. De perfecte schoenen met veel comfort zijn de Blundstone boots. Typerend voor alle Blundstones is het opmerkelijke comfort en het voetbed. De boots van Blundstone kenmerken zich vooral door een stevige PU zool met geïntegreerd absorptiemateriaal dat schokken dempt. En dat voel je!

The soles are light and flexible so you can walk comfortably and tired/pain feet are a thing of the past. The foot bed is also orthopedically tested. If you rely on orthopedic assistance, you can easily replace the existing foot bed with you own foot bed, perfect isn’t it?!

So, you suffer from heel spur, trying to find the perfect shoe? Then you definitely need to consider buying Blundstone boots!

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