Blundstone is de schoenentrend

Blundstone is the shoe trend

Ever heard of Chelsea boots? Blundstone is the shoe trend! These boots are very popular and you will steal the show as soon as you put on these boots. The Chelsea boot has many different models. There are models with a cool, classic, casual and elegant look. The Chelsea boots are the ideal boots for every occasion and we will tell you why.

What are Chelsea boots?

To start, let's dive into the world of these boots. Chelsea boots are shoes that fit perfectly to the foot thanks to the elastic side panels. Looking at the classic model, the boot is flat, but nowadays there are different variants including boots with a heel or platform sole. Characteristic of Chelsea boots are the pull loops at the back and often also at the front. These pull loops make it easier to put on the boots. The Chelsea boots are very popular. The simple look that the boots create ensures that they can be matched with any outfit and are suitable for any occasion. The Chelsea boots are shoes that cannot be missing in your wardrobe. They are suitable for everyone.

Blundstone is the shoe trend - The ultimate casual shoe

But where does the Chelsea boot actually come from? Since the time of Queen Victoria, these ultimate casual shoes have been worn by both women and men. The story of Chelsea boots began in the 1830s. The shoemaker of England's Queen Victoria, JS Hall, first made the boots. This happened in the Chelsea district of London. You may already have guessed it; the name of the Chelsea boots comes from here.

JS Hall made a pair of ankle boots for Victoria with elastic side panels to make the shoes easy to put on and take off. This served as an alternative to the difficult lacing. A little later, the boots were also worn by The Beatles and it quickly became clear that these boots could not be missing in the shoe closet.

Chelsea boots for women

As mentioned before: the Chelsea boots suit every occasion. This applies to every clothing style. It doesn't matter whether you really like wearing dresses/skirts or whether you prefer the cool look with a leather jacket, for example. With the wide range of Chelsea boots and the variety of these boots, every clothing style is the perfect clothing style. For example, there are models with a heel, models with a suede look or models with a leather look. Of course, this does not mean that an elegant lady cannot wear cool boots, on the contrary! The Chelsea boots are perfect for everyone. Sometimes a cool outfit with some classic shoes completes the look. Our advice: combine your style with a pair of Chelsea boots in such a way that it becomes an interesting outfit. This way you can always create the look you are looking for, Blundstone is the shoe trend.

Chelsea boots for men

The Chelsea boots are for everyone. This means that men can also go out in style with a pair of Chelsea boots. There are also several Chelsea boots for men that they can wear. For example, we have more than 25 different models in our collection on the Blundstone website! Something for everyone, you could say, Blundstone is the shoe trend. What applies to boots for women also applies to boots for men . These shoes can be matched with endless clothing styles. Whether you want a chic look or an informal look, everything is possible.

Conclusion, Blundstone is the shoe trend

One thing is clear Blundstone is the shoe trend of the moment, whether it is a classic, modern, sexy or cool model: a pair of Chelsea boots should not be missing in your shoe closet! These are boots that can be combined with any outfit and are also suitable for any occasion.

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