Problems with my order

- Can I still change my order after it has been placed?

After you have placed an order, it is no longer possible to change the contents of the order. Contact us via email (info@blundstone.nl) or by telephone between 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM.

- I have received a damaged item

In the event of a damaged item or incorrect delivery, please contact us at info@blundstone.nl. Send a photo of the item and add your order number to the email. We will then contact you.

- My order is not complete, what should I do?

If you have not received the entire order, please contact us , within 14 days.
After 14 days, we cannot process an incomplete delivered order.

- I have not received an order confirmation, but the money has been debited?

You may have entered a wrong email address or an incorrect email address, which is why the emails are not arriving. You will always receive an order confirmation and a track and trace email. If you did not receive these emails, please contact info@blundstone.nl


- What are the different payment methods?

The different payment methods we offer are iDeal, Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Klarna, Klarna Slice in 3 and PayPal.

- How does paying with Klarna work?

If you choose Klarna as a payment method, you will only pay once you have received the order. You pay costs when you use Klarna. If you return the order, you will of course also receive the costs back.

Within a few days of receiving your order, you will receive an email from Klarna with the payment details. You then have 28 days to pay the invoice. Do you have any questions or have you not received an email? Please contact Klarna. Payment is made via Klarna.

- How does Klarna Slice-it work?

The order amount is divided into three equal parts. Payments are made with an interval of 30 days each by means of a direct debit for which you give permission. You pay the first installment when you place the order. For questions about interest or other questions about Klarna Slice it, please contact Klarna.

- Why can't I pay with Klarna?

When you choose Klarna as a payment method, Klarna carries out a check. This check takes into account the following three points: Payment history with Klarna, the order amount and external information provided by a credit institution.

- Can I receive an invoice for my order?

If you need an invoice with your VAT number and company name, send this information to info@Blundstone.nl and we will ensure that you receive an invoice.

- The price of an already purchased item changes. Can I receive a refund?

It is not possible to receive a price difference as a refund.


- When will I receive my order?

Orders are shipped Monday through Friday. Orders are collected these days at 4:00 PM, processed overnight and, if all goes well, delivered the next day. However, we are dependent on delivery services and cannot guarantee anything 100%.

- Can I still change my address after I have placed an order?

Unfortunately, once you have placed an order, you cannot make any changes. If you find out immediately after installation, please call our customer service.

- Can I select a date and time for my order to be delivered?

We do not have the option to choose a date and/or time. We always ship the order as quickly as possible, so that you receive it quickly.

- What are the shipping methods?

We ship via PostNL and DHL.

- I have not yet received my order. What can I do?

If you have not yet received your order, please check the status of your package in the track and trace. If your order is stuck in the sorting process for a few days, please contact our customer service. If you have any other questions, you can always contact us so that we can check the status of your package.

- Can I have my order delivered to someone else?

You can have your order delivered to someone else. Make sure you fill in your own details with the invoice. In the delivery address field, enter the address of the person where it should be delivered.

- What happens if the courier cannot deliver the package because I am not at home?

The delivery service will then probably deliver it to a service point. The courier will leave a note in your mailbox. We have no influence on the locations of the service point.

Returns and refunds

- What are the return conditions?

Please return the Blundstones to us in their original unworn condition (when trying on the shoes, please do so on a carpet/clean surface). You can only try it on in a few minutes. So you do not keep the shoes on all day, because then we cannot accept your return. You can return your order provided the item(s) are returned in good condition. This means that items and the Blundstone box are not damaged, dirty or worn. Does your return shipment not meet the above conditions? Then unfortunately we cannot process your return and we cannot reimburse the product. If the shoes are in good condition, but the rest of the conditions have not been met, handling costs will be charged.

- How do I return an order?

If you are not satisfied with your order and want to return it, make sure you meet the return conditions. Place the Blundstone box containing the unused Blundstone in a shipping box and add your packing slip. Follow the steps below to return your order:

1. Visit our returns portal HERE

2. Enter your zip code and track & trace or order number

3. Indicate which item(s) you want to return

4. Indicate your reasons for return and that you want to receive the money back

5. Then choose your desired return method. DHL is printless.

6. Check everything and pay the return costs

7. You will receive a QR or a label

Make sure that any other labels that may be on the outer box are removed or scratched off to ensure a successful return.

- Do I pay for my return shipping myself?

Please note: Shipping costs for your return are at your own expense. Returning a package is at your own risk, so make sure you have proof of delivery.

- Can I return my order at a point of sale?

It is not possible to return an online order at a point of sale.

- What if I return my return later than 14 days?

If you do not return your order within 14 days, your order will be credited with a voucher.

- Is it possible to exchange my order?

Unfortunately, we do not offer an exchange option. If you would like to receive a new item, you can place a new order via www.blundstone.nl . Return the unwanted item.

- Can I return two separate orders together in 1 box?

Gladly even! Make sure you meet the return conditions. Send the individual orders in a shipping box and add the packing slips of the relevant orders in the box.

- Can I return a sale item?

Certainly, you can return these products within the return period of 14 days.

- When can I expect my refund for the returned item?

When we receive the return package in our warehouse, the return will be processed within 1-2 days. We work with a payment system, so it can take 1-2 days through the system before it appears on the page.


- How do I care for my Blundstones?

The rustic renovating cream is perfect for the care of all Blundstone models. This rustic cream is perfect for rustic nubuck Blundstones.

The brown and black renovating cream are suitable to boost the color. Only use this cream on smooth leather Blundstones.

You always use the waterproof spray in combination with the renovating cream.

You can use the shoe polish for smooth leather and suede Blundstones. This polish nourishes the leather and immediately makes the boots water-repellent.

The polish pad gives smooth leather Blundstone a quick boost when you need to make the boots shine immediately for a party, for example.

The care kit is a total package that contains the perfect remedy for every shoe.

- I'm getting wet feet?

Blundstones are generally water-repellent and not waterproof. There are 2 models within the range that are waterproof. Remember that Blundstones are not rubber boots and when walking for hours on wet grass there is a chance that water will pass through the leather. Leather is a natural product.

- Break my soles?

The sole of the Blundstones is made of PU. Polyurethane has many advantages, such as walking comfort. However, the disadvantage is that with aging there is a chance that the sole will crumble. The reason why the sole crumbles and cracks is that a bacterium has settled in the PU material and is, as it were, eating the sole. This is called hydrolysis. Hydrolysis can also occur when the shoes are not worn for a long period of time. If you regularly walk on your Blundstone, the risk of hydrolysis decreases. Hydrolysis is an aging process and a property of PU and therefore not a factory defect. If you have any questions about this, please feel free to contact us at info@blundstone.nl


- Is there a warranty on a product?

If there is a problem with your item within 12 months, please complete the warranty form. Please include the problem, your order number and a photo of the problem. Blundstone Benelux ensures that it is further addressed via email.
We offer a 12 month warranty on Blundstones. Please note that the warranty is void if the product shows a defect caused by improper use, the product has been used in a way for which the item was not intended or if the product has not received proper care.

- Elastic broken?

If the elastic is broken after 12 months, the costs for repairing the elastic are 25 euros. The costs for both sides of the elastic are 40 euros. Complete the warranty form. Please include your order number, your complaint and a photo of the complaint. The complaint will be processed by email.

- Is the leather dried out?

Take good care of the leather. If leather is not properly cared for, it can dry out and eventually crack. Complete the warranty form for further handling of your complaint.

Other questions

- How can I register for the newsletter?

- How can I unsubscribe from the newsletter?

You can unsubscribe via this link: https://manage.kmail-lists.com/subscriptions/unsubscribe?a=Sncb4G&g=X7gwQh

- Fraudulent web shops

For some time now we have seen an increase in various fake websites that offer Blundstones at extremely low prices. Please check carefully whether the site is secure and if in doubt, contact our customer service. If you ordered via a fraudulent site, contact your bank or credit card provider immediately.


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