Corporate overview

Blundstone Benelux

We are the crew of Paul Company, the distributor for Blundstone in the Benelux. Think of us as your family in the world of boots, just like Blundstone worldwide. So, here's the story: Paul Company, aka Blundstone Benelux, joins forces with Blundstone HQ, grabs the cool shoes and spreads the love. With more than 260 places to score your Blundstones and 370 doors, we ensure that you leave in style.

But wait, it's not just about the shoes - it's about the whole Blundstone vibe. We stand for service and quality. What does that mean? We are always ready to give the best advice and help you choose the perfect Blundstones. Whether you visit one of our many spots or browse through our webshop, we are there to ensure that you walk at your best with the right boots. Welcome to Blundstone Benelux!


We are committed to making high quality Chelsea boots for everyday use, work and comfort. Our Blundstones roll off the production line in faraway places, currently from Vietnam and Mexico. We have our own team members on site to ensure production quality meets our own high standards. Blundstone is officially recognized as a quality company according to ISO9001.


At Blundstone we are committed to green policies, all aimed at sustainable development. We want to positively impact the agricultural, industrial and commercial landscapes of our world. We love recycled and recyclable materials in our production. And those cardboard boxes of ours? Fully recyclable, 100% made from renewable sources. We keep the use of raw materials, chemicals and fossil fuels to a minimum.


Since 1870, Blundstone has been making the most robust, no-nonsense shoes for work and pleasure. After endless years of creative design and production, we now manage a global supply chain that brings together the best ideas, parts and designs. From those iconic Chelsea boots, lace-up shoes for women and men, heavy industrial shoes and casual boots. Our products are developed by a team in Hobart who source the best resources from around the world to create footwear that continues to push the boundaries.


Our team's passion has set the course for how our products and our company have evolved. We have dedicated, highly skilled, innovative people who are completely focused on our customers. We attract people who understand that the power of the team delivers the best results for those who choose our walkers. Overseas, we ensure that the people who make our products are employed fairly and without exploitation. Locally, this means that labor standards at our suppliers exceed the minimum government standards in that country.


Blundstone a worldwide favourite. We closely monitor the strength of our brand with extensive market research in our home countries. In 2011 it was confirmed what we already knew: Blundstone is the best-known, most loved and most worn boot brand in Australia.


Our headquarters are in Moonah, Tasmania. Here we take care of everything - from administration, sales, marketing to communication, quality management, customer service and logistics. Each country has its own distributor and so does the Benelux. Paul company is the distributor of Blundstone in the Benelux.