Blundstone op TV

Blundstone on TV

Blundstone in the fashion world

Blundstone the brand of today X Blundstone on TV. Nowadays you can't ignore it anymore. All the way from Australia, Blundstone has now established itself in many European countries. The Italian fashion scene has already embraced the brand and several fashionistas seem to want nothing more than Blundstone. All this popularity has ensured that Blundstone is increasingly appearing in various media. Blundstone was no longer unknown on online social media channels, but major film productions and television programs also seem to have found the brand. We looked further, what makes Blundstone so popular overnight? An interesting study that we would like to tell you about.

The core values

Blundstone follows a number of core values. The brand has been doing this since 1870! Founded as a small family business in Tasmania, where it is still based. In all these years, the brand has experienced enormous growth and continuously monitors where it can best improve. And Blundstone continues to develop, whether this has to do with a shoe design or more marketing-oriented, the complete picture has to be right. But Blundstone has never forgotten these values ​​and they are reflected in every design.

Quality, style and a comfortable shoe are three of these values. The classics such as the classic and original models remain immensely popular. Due to this great success, Blundstone has recently opted to design a special vegan variant.

For more information about this vegan model, see our previous stories.

Netflix series Lupine

As mentioned earlier, Blundstone has not gone unnoticed by major film productions. Blundstone plays an important role in the recently released Netlfix series Lupine. None other than Omar Sy, the protagonist of the series, wears a beautiful pair of Blundstones. Omar is wearing a pair of classics, model 585 to be precise. The past few months have already shown how popular model 585 is. The beautiful brown nubuck has something cool about it, but at the same time this model also gives a classic twist to your complete outfit. In addition, the luxurious insoles have extra poron, which provides a super soft feeling when worn.


Not only the new Netflix series Lupine added Blundstones to the actors' costumes. The 2016 film Lion (now available on Netflix) preceded Lupine. This special film with none other than Nicole Kidman shows a beautiful and moving story. A fantastic cast and Blundstone was also asked to provide several actors with a nice pair of Chelsea boots.

Blundstone on Dutch soil

In addition to these two international Netflix series and film, the television world is also aware of the quality of Blundstone. So Blundstone on TV is not surprising! The Blundstones have appeared in the Masterchef programs and buy without looking. Two programs that are all about hard work. A nice gesture to show that Blundstone models are suitable for all activities. Whether it concerns a long walk, a party or even a renovation. Nothing is to crazy.

Although these above programs wear a pair of beautiful classic and originals, we also have our special safety boots. These safety boots are made for hard work. The steel toe provides strength and the shoes are also heat-resistant up to 300 degrees Celsius. Of course we say safety first!

Are you also curious about all the models mentioned in this text? Then take a quick look at the different models. Almost all models are unisex, so there is bound to be something for everyone. Don't hesitate too long, because the Blundstones are going fast!