Chelsea boots voor heren

Chelsea boots for men

The Chelsea boots for men are also on my bucket list

I'm sure I'm not the only one with a bucket list. One person has a bucket list involving activities, such as skydiving or bungee jumping. The other has a bucket list with all kinds of destinations that equate to a trip around the world. I'm one of those last people. In recent years I have put together a bucket list with the most beautiful and cool places that I want to travel to at least once.

I would prefer to check off all the destinations on this bucket list in quick succession, so I would like to travel the world. Traveling with myself for a few months. Just relax and enjoy the place where I am at that moment. That sounds wonderful, right?

On a quest

My friends sometimes thought I was crazy. ''Bas, are you going on a trip alone for three months? That will never work out." I always just let them talk, because I knew I could do it. So like I said, I've spent the last few years identifying the places I'd like to go and I'm going to share these places with you. Personally, I really enjoy walking and have therefore focused on countries where this is possible.

The destinations

The countries where I would like to discover everything are America, Canada and Australia. These countries have such beautiful areas and landscapes and I have never been there before. I have not yet determined which places in these countries I want to visit, but that will be fine. Moreover, I still plan to ask my best friend Martijn along. I know I said earlier that I could go alone and that's true, but it's more fun with two people.

In addition, he is also quite adventurous by nature and likes a challenge. I have known Martijn since primary school and we are still very close. I decided to text him and present my plan.

A little later I received a response from Martijn, he is coming along! I am very happy with that, because it can sometimes be quite lonely to make such a long journey all alone. Martijn and I decide to get together next week to discuss some things about the approach.


Martijn came to my house to discuss the trip. He quickly indicated that he was interested in a long journey with beautiful landscapes and nature reserves. He just had to arrange the right things for the trip. I wondered what else he needed. "The right shoes, for example," said Martijn. "You have a good point there," I said. Okay, but back to the trip itself.

I told Martijn that I would like it, for example, if we rent a camper or something similar in every country, that way we are not tied to anything and we can travel around on our own. Martijn was immediately convinced and our plans are increasingly coming to fruition. We're already looking forward to it!


Even though the trip has not yet started, I can of course already collect all the necessary items. Since we will be on the road a lot and want to visit many destinations, I need the right support. Multiple sets of clothing for different weather conditions and the right Chelsea boots for men are the most important for now.

I went to take a look in my wardrobe and the clothing problem was quickly solved! Now just the right men's shoes . I need shoes that I can walk in for a long time, that are comfortable and I also like that they look nice ;-).

Blundstone boots the Chelsea boots for men

I soon came across the Blundstone webshop online. I see that they sell shoes that offer a lot of comfort and support and therefore prevent you from quickly getting pain in your feet. And let's be honest, the Chelsea boots for men that I saw on the website are also very trendy. I decide to order 2 pairs of Chelsea boots for men so that I can move forward straight away. There was a fast delivery service, so a short time later I had the shoes at my home.

I put them on and I can tell you, they are so comfortable! These boots will definitely come with you when you travel. I immediately send Martijn a message that he should take a look at this website if he is still looking for shoes. In any case, I am completely convinced. I have collected everything I need and I am well prepared for the trip. The Chelsea boots for men come in all shapes and sizes. From cool to classic and from black to dark green. You will undoubtedly find a nice pair of Chelsea boots for men at Blundstone Benelux.

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