De Blundstone wandelschoen - de nummer 1 wandelschoen

The Blundstone walking shoe - the number 1 walking shoe

The Blundstone walking boots! For over 150 years, Blundstone has continued to develop to find the best fit for you. Blundstone wants nothing more than to offer you a great experience with a pair of beautiful boots.

Blundstone is originally from Tasmania, Australia. But despite the brand holding on to its roots, it has spread throughout the world. There are more than 250 points of sale in the Netherlands and Belgium alone. Italy is the leader when it comes to the European Blundstone market. What makes Blundstone so popular in the land of fashion?

Blundstone is truly suitable for every occasion and this makes the shoe unique. Blundstone boots have a classic look, but with a lot of benefits . It is therefore not surprising that the shoes are regularly used for a long walk and then join a dinner at the end of the day. The boots can be combined with cool jeans, sweatpants or nice trousers. How crazy is it that after a long walk through the interior of Italy you can end the day with a beautiful dinner in a vineyard? We can already see ourselves in it!

The Blundstone walking shoe is known for its comfort and strength. The soles are made of PU. This is the abbreviation for polyurethane. This ensures flexibility and comfort during long walks. In addition, some models also have the special shock protection system. An unprecedented luxury if you ask us. This system provides shock absorption. These are, for example, shocks that you experience when walking on an unpaved road. But even without you realizing it, your body sometimes has a hard time during a brisk walk. SPS absorbs these shocks and virtually eliminates pain in the (lower) back, feet and knees. Perfect for continuing a long walk.

There is a different Blundstone model for every walker. For example, the Blundstone walking shoe is available in many different models, all with a different fit. Classics are a bit wider and have a round nose, Originals also have a round nose but are a bit narrower in fit.

All Blundstone models are unisex, with the exception of the Women's series models. These models are characterized by the chunk stitching along the elastic. These models have a very narrow fit and are therefore suitable for ladies with a low instep and narrow feet. And we shouldn't forget the Dress boots, perhaps less suitable for a long walk because of the little profile on the sole. But that doesn't make it any less beautiful. The Dress boots are characterized by the square toe, which gives an elegant look. This makes the Blundstone walking shoe suitable for any daily outfit.

We understand that you have some doubts about which model suits you. Therefore, take a quick look at the Blundstone Benelux website. The website provides a detailed explanation of the difference between the models. There are also nice stories to read about how to best style the boots. Because Blundstone undoubtedly turns every outfit into a party. Whether summer or winter, Blundstone always looks good. To keep these boots as good as possible, it is important to take care of them. I visit the website under shoe care for more information.

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