Horeca en Blundstone, het nummer 1 duo!

Horeca and Blundstone, the number 1 duo!

Hospitality and Blundstone are with 100% certainty a perfect combination when it comes to the ideal work shoes. On our boots you can stroll, walk around, stand and work for hours without getting tired feet.

Blundstone has stood for class, safety, elegance and security for over 150 years, simply an awesome boat! All these properties can be used in all kinds of different circumstances. The hard workers among us also benefit from this.

The shoes have been worn with great pleasure by catering staff for years. We want and have to offer the best service to guests from home and abroad every day. This of course includes a pair of boots so you can walk many kilometers on the terrace. In addition, the staff in the kitchen also has a lot of fun with a pair of Blundstone boots. These do not even have to be the special safety boots, but every Blundstone already offers a certain safety that gives you a strong footing. Hospitality and Blundstone is the golden combination that you have to discover for yourself.

All terrain category | Hospitality and Blundstone

The all-terrain Blundstone models are the shoes you must have for the kitchen and the restaurant. The All terrain does not have a normal Blundstone sole, but a vibram sole! You have enormous grip with these boots and they walk wonderfully! The shoes are available in black smooth leather and in rustic brown nubuck leather. Catering and Blundstone for life!

Blundstones come in different shapes and sizes. The range is now so wide that there is something beautiful and suitable for everyone. All classic colors are present, such as black, brown, dark green and dark blue. But the material can also differ. For example, Blundstone has smooth leather boots, (waxed) suede, nubuck leather and vegan leather. The vegan models are not to be missed. The characteristic brand label is bright green and of course made from vegan materials. Every detail has been thought of and every component is vegan certified.

Nubuck also has its advantages. The leather has been carefully sanded, creating a tough and rough look. This makes any damage less visible, it is simply part of the shoe! And of course you can't go wrong with smooth leather and suede. It is classic but cool at the same time. It doesn't matter in which catering establishment you work, you will never miss the mark!

Another preference for the model itself? The Blundstone range lives up to its name: Originals, Classics, Dress boots, Actives and so on. For example, Originals and Classics have a round toe and Dress boots have a square toe. The Active models have sleek lines, which is why the shoe is often worn by the sporty among us. Kitchen staff can opt for an Original or Classic model, but Blundstone also has exclusive safety boots in the collection. For example, these boots are heat resistant up to 300 degrees Celsius.

Hospitality and Blundstone.. You see this combination more and more often in restaurants and kitchens. The Blundstone boots have many advantages for catering staff. Because the soles of the shoes are made of PU, it looks like you are walking on clouds. PU stands for polyurethane and is sprayed under the shoe in the Blundstone factories. This makes it difficult for the sole to release. Several models also have a special SPS system.

SPS stands for shock protection system. This system absorbs shocks, so you experience less pressure on the (lower) back, knees and feet. It is also useful to place the luxurious Blundstone footbed in the shoe. This footbed has extra poron, you can feel it! Poron provides flexibility but above all a soft feeling on the feet.

If you're not enthusiastic yet, you should definitely pay a quick visit to the Blundstone website! The website contains a lot of information about the models and fun stories about styling the Blundstones. Check out our Instagram and Pinterest for inspiration!