Pijnlijke voeten zijn verleden tijd met Blundstone

Sore feet are a thing of the past with Blundstone

Sore feet are a thing of the past with Blundstone. Many people get sore feet during the day by wearing shoes with the incorrect support. Sore feet are a thing of the past with Blundstone. Heel pain and foot pain are two things that everyone wants to avoid. I agree. Hi! I will introduce myself. My name is Anouk and I am 35 years old. I currently live in beautiful Utrecht with my boyfriend Jasper, we have been living here together for 10 years and I love this city! I like to spend my free time with my friends and family and I enjoy going on adventures or just taking a walk in the woods.

Walking with my Blundstones

During the week I try to exercise as much as possible. In addition to exercising 3 times a week, I also aspire to reach 10,000 steps every day. Unfortunately, that doesn't always work. ;) Someone who motivates me (and maybe also forces me a little) to go outside is our sweet dog Beau. I notice that Beau really helps me adopt a healthier lifestyle by taking long walks more often.

In addition to walks with the dog, I also really relax with a good book. After a long day at work, there is nothing better than plopping down on the couch, shoes off, feet up, cup of tea and a good book. At moments like this, time flies by.

Since we live with our small family in the heart of Utrecht, the walks for us and the dog are often not surrounded by green surroundings, but often by residential areas and streets, and are therefore quite monotonous. I thought that should change, so I decided to drive to a forest at least 2 or 3 times for a nice long walk with my friend and dog. Let me tell you, it's amazing!

The beautiful nature, green surroundings and the sun on your face. During these walks I wear my favorite pair of Blundstones, the model 1912 . Unfortunately, I didn't know this right away during my first walks. I used to walk in other boots until I started having a lot of pain in my feet. When I discovered Blundstone I was hooked!! I no longer had painful or tired feet. Below is my story :)

Just relax

When Jasper and I go to the woods with the dog, we often just take the car. The forests are not around the corner, but it is not a trip around the world either. There are several forests in our area and we like to explore them. When we are in the forest, hours pass. We often arrive there nice and early at 9 am and only return to the car around 12 noon. That seems like a long time, but we can enjoy a relaxing walk in the woods and Beau is also having fun. Every now and then we sit quietly on a bench to enjoy the view, while our dog is playing. We love to escape from that busy city every now and then.

How do you keep that up?

I can hear you thinking. "If you go for a walk so often, which shoes do you wear?" And that was also my struggle. Firstly, I quickly suffer from sore feet and with all that mud and different surfaces you also want shoes with good support. In addition, I always find it important that the shoes are easy to clean and that I can still look fashionable. I got you!

Previously I often wore the wrong boots. For example, I went into the city for a day with a friend of mine and after a few hours my feet started to hurt. There was even a time when I suffered from this more often and therefore also suffered from heel spurs. In case you don't know it yet: heel spur is a calcification of the tendon plate on the heel bone that sometimes causes inflammation under the heel. That causes a lot of pain in your heel and let me tell you, it's horrible! Since I really enjoy hiking and going out, I knew then that I didn't have the right boots. Then Blundstone came my way. What slippers those are.

Painful feet are a thing of the past with Blundstone, my first experience was with model 1912, but I now have a kind of Blundstone addiction... I also have a ladies' model , model 1448 , model 550 and model 1911 . Oops..! And it's true: painful feet are a thing of the past with Blundstone.

Sore feet are a thing of the past with Blundstone - Tips and tricks

Sore feet are a thing of the past with Blundstone. You need to take good care of sore feet. Start by giving your feet rest, this is very important at Hielspoor. It also said that on average women suffer from it more often than men (we as women really have to endure everything, am I right?). Anyway, I wasn't going to have my heel hurt forever. Fortunately, heel spurs are often easy to treat and can be resolved in a few weeks to months. In my case, my shoes were the culprit. It became clear that my shoes were not providing the right support and were simply not right. Since wearing Blundstone I have completely gotten rid of it and can walk 10 kilometers without any difficulty.

How did I come across the Blundstone brand?

Sore feet are a thing of the past with Blundstone. After searching and browsing the internet for a while, I quickly came across Blundstone. With Blundstone boots you can walk comfortably and each shoe is also characterized by a sturdy PU sole with integrated absorption material that absorbs shocks. These boots give me the support I need, and they are also super fashionable.

Conclusion: they have become an indispensable part of my shoe collection. This is partly because everyone is right: painful feet are a thing of the past with Blundstone. So a tip from me: buy a few Blundstones! You won't regret it, they are a real addition to your wardrobe and painful feet are a thing of the past!

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