Blundstone vegan

Blundstone vegan

Blundstone reveals its first ever vegan Chelsea boots!

Blundstone has unveiled two new styles that are made with the finest materials and certified vegan for the first time in Blundstone history. The black Blundstone vegan 2115 and the brown Blundstone vegan 2116 will make their debut in 2021 in the Benelux. These two Blundstone vegan boots are a response to the growing demand for alternatives from a large and far-reaching global vegan community. Since its founding in 1870, Blundstone has made boots for every purpose and for every Chelsea boot wearer. The Blundstone vegan boots are made from innovations and ethical aspects that flow through the veins of the Tasmanian company.

Collaborate with others to build knowledge and expertise and explore and utilize advances in science and technology. Putting it all together, Blundstone is an iconic global company with a love for the brand. Blundstone continues to put the needs of wearers at the forefront of all decision making. This ensures that the brand remains accessible to and inclusive of a wide range of our top customers. The original vegan styles will be available in the Benelux in early December 2021.

Characteristics of the Blundstone vegan boots

Every component of Blundstone vegan boots has been thoroughly tested and certified by Eurofins | Chem-map, an industry leader in independent testing as part of their Vegan Verification program.Upper material is onMicro Water repellent vegan microfiber.Lining is onSteam 100% breathable microfiber with antibacterial features with complete dryness. Certified vegan removable Comfort Lite footbed and made with anti-compression materials for long-lasting support.An ergonomically designed toe spring combined with vegan XRD technology in the heel, further reduces tired feet and increases comfort.

Blundstone vegan features

- Design based on our Originals series - loved around the world - which has been one of the bestsellers since 1969. Lightweight and breathable, the high-quality materials provide the same style and comfort that's the reason why everyone loves a pair of Blundstones.

Quote from Blundstone CEO, Adam Blake "As a company, we would not be here today if we had stood still. If we hadn't continued to adapt, innovate and change in response to our community." Our new vegan styles allow us to stay true to our brand vision, allowing people to walk their own path. For over 150 years, we have built a legacy of creating boots for a wide range of wearers. These new styles allow us to serve a growing segment of Blundstone enthusiasts. They are unmistakably Blundstone with all the hallmarks of our DNA, dedication to quality, understated style and incredible comfort.

Quote from Blundstone designer, Joe Carfora " We are a brand with a long and proud history of making boots. We use new materials and techniques. The vegan community is large and far reaching and we would be remiss not to provide products for this community. We are a consumer-led brand, so it is vital to listen to the people who wear our boots."

Quote from head Eurofins | Chem-MAP - Vegan Verification Program, Georgina Mawer "The vegan Verification program provides the market with assurance that the product purchased can be classified as vegan" . "Awarding Blundstone with the vegan verification mark and certification for their vegan footwear range sends a clear message to the market about their commitment to validating their vegan product claims."

Don't hesitate too long because the Blundstone vegan boots are going fast! A special shoe with a special story. We are not just talking about a simple pair of boots, these boots are Blundstone.