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Blundstone categories

There are six different styles of the Blundstone boots, namely: originals, classics, thermal, dress, women’s series, and kids. Every style also has its own story. All boots within the Blundstones categories are water-repellent since production process; the leather is also treated against dirt to provide easy cleaning. You can also maintain the shoes with a shoe polish. As a result of the shoe polish treatment, the boots remain water-repellent and ensure the leather stays supple. Below you can read more about all Blundstone categories.

Blundstone original boots illustratie


No boot replaces the Blundstone chelsea boots so these are first to be mentioned in our Blundstone categories. This iconic chelsea boot was launched 50 years ago. They were then mostly worn by farmers and builders. Soon everyone discovered the shoe. From a person with an office job to well-known fashion influencers, the shoe was seen all over the fashion spectrum. Not only do they look good, the shoe can be combined with all styles that you can imagine.

The originals can be divided into different colors and materials. The originals are not lined on the inside. However, the shoe consists of a nice and thick quality leather. Originals models are:
500, 510, 508, 1615, 1910 and 1911. Most requested models are 500, 510 and 1615. Then we have the anniversary boot limited edition model 150. This is a unique ladies’ and men’s shoe, which is a delight to your Blundstone collection.


Classics are the Blundstones that have just a little more than the originals. We always call it something extra. Originals with some bells and whistles. What distinguishes a classic from an original? With this model the inside is partly lined with leather (the tongue and the heel) the upper foot is fabric. The extra insole that you get with it has an extra portion on the heel. This means that it provides more walking comfort. The soles can also be removed. The sole has a shock proof system, which provides extra cushioning. There is less pressure on your feet, which means that your feet are less tired, which leads to fewer back problems. Classic models: 550, 562, 585, 587, 558, 1609 and 2052. Most requested models are 585 and 587.

Blundstone classicboots illustratie
Blundstone dames boots met hakje illustratie

Women’s shoes

A shoe especially for the ladies. Due to the sleek design combined with feminine contours, a Blundstone is nevertheless part of a woman’s wardrobe. Women want to be fashion-conscious, but quality boots must also be good. What makes a ladies boot a ladies boot? The ladies’ boots have brogue stitching along the elastic, the boot is lined the same as the classic and the model is somewhat higher up the ankle than the original and classic. Women’s boots models: 1448, 1351, 1671 and 1673. Most requested models are 1448 and 1351.


Although Blundstones are water-resistant, sturdy and comfortable, the thermal is different from other models. The chelsea boots are made of waterproof leather and elastics that are resistant to moisture and cold by means of special techniques. The heat is kept in the boots. This Blundstone is ideal for a person who works a lot outside in all kinds of weather conditions, who still want to look fashionable.

Dress boots

Blundstone is famous for its hard work, durability, playfulness, and adventure. The dress boot proves that it also knows everything about style. This surprising style attracts you to work, but also go to dinner that same evening. Where the other models are somewhat robust, the dress boots are refined. Dress boot models include: 067, 068, 1306, 1308, 2022, 064 and the city dress boots, 1900,1910 Most sold models: 1306 and 068.

Blundstone dressboots illustratie
Blundstone kids boots illustratie

Children's shoes

Carefree running through the streets or playing in the woods is what children expect from a pair of shoes. They can dress themselves individually and confidently from young to old and are always ready for a new day. The adventurers can easily put on the shoe by themselves through the pull tabs on the top. The children’s shoes are available in different colors and models. Kids models: 531, 565, 1325, 1468, 2095. Most sold models: 565 and 1468.

Heritage - NEW IN!

Blundstone is proud to introduce a new premium “Heritage Series”, combining elements from the past and present through two variants. The Heritage series consists of 4 models. Two models have laces and the other two have no laces. The 151 and 154 have laces, where the 151 and 153 have elastic edges.

New styles are combined with details from the past. Patterns and silhouettes from the past two centuries have been formed into the design of the Heritage models.

The Blundstone Heritage series is based on the army boots they produced in the past. The boots are made from premium leather from head to toe, including the soles of the boots. The soles are provided with a good year edge and sewn sole using a classic technique. In addition, an updated technology in the form of a TPU-skin has been added to the stacked leather sole, resulting in extra durability. By incorporating hidden stitching in the back, the shoe exudes class.

Blundstone categories

Hopefully we have been able to make you a little wiser about the different Blundstone categories. If you have any questions please contact us.