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Festival boots

The festival boots for next season can only be found at Blundstone. For years, people have been wearing the typical black lace-up boots. It is almost impossible to imagine the street scene without them. But now it is finally time for something new.

Since a few years, Blundstone’s chelsea boots are more popular than ever. Chelsea boots have been around for a very long time. The brand Blundstone exists for 150 years, so just think how long the chelsea boot has been worn. Started small in Australia and now the famous Italian and French fashion bloggers walk in a fashionable pair of Blundstone boots. Practical, comfortable and of course stylish.

History of the Blundstone chelsea boots

Blundstone was found for more than 150 years ago in 1870 Tasmania, Australia. Tasmania is an island more than 240 kilometres from the Australian mainland. Tasmania is now a state of Australia. Tasmania is known for its beautiful nature. Forests, mountain ranges and large lakes. Tasmania is not called Australia’s best kept secret for nothing. Blundstone is a real family business. Blundstone is convinced that Chelsea boots should offer safety. Yet much has changed over the years. The boots have become more comfortable. Blundstone only designs shoes that offer you enough comfort. You have to be able to walk for miles without getting sore feet.

Tasmania, 2020. The chelsea boot from then to now. For some years now, people have been very fond of the high black lace-up boots. But that is now really over. Grab your chance now and buy those Blundstones. Blundstones are for all occasions. They are also perfect for a good festival. Not only are they very comfortable, the boots are extremely suitable to complete your outfit.

For women, perfect to combine with a flared pair of trousers or a dress. For men, Blundstone is fits nicely with a pair of cool jeans. There are only a few shoes that are as versatile as these. Definitely you will last a whole day and maybe even a night on these tough boots.

Looking for your new pair of festival boots?

You are probably looking for new festival boots! Then you have come to the right place at Blundstone. Blundstone offers different models of festival boots. Take the ‘dress’ boot for example, a tough looking boot with a square nose. Only the best leather is used for the Blundstone boots. This gives every model a luxurious and elegant look. Besides the ‘dress’ boots, we have more exclusive models. The ‘classic’ models have a round nose. This model is available in several colours and leather types. For example, suede and nubuck. In addition, luxury insoles are included with every order of the ‘classics’.

The sole of our Blundstone festival boots is made of special PU material. PU stands for polyurethane. PU has extra absorption material. This together is called the special shock protection system, or SPS for short. The soles of our festival boots are very flexible and light. This prevents tired and painful feet. In addition, with every model, it is possible to remove the sole. This gives you the opportunity to put your own podotherapeutic soles in the shoes. Make the shoe as comfortable as you like! Another nice extra is that the soles are heat resistant. Up to 110 degrees. These shoes have everything in one!

Blundstone boots are everywhere

We hope we have made you as enthusiastic as we are! This shoe has everything you need. It is impossible to imagine the world’s fashion capitals without these shoes. From New York to Milan. Everywhere are these amazing Blundstone models being worn. Take your chance. The shoes go fast. Only a few times a year the stock is replenished. The models arrive in Europe exclusively by boat from Australia.