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Blundstone in the media

Painful feet, a thing of the past.

Many people experience painful feet during the day, they wear shoes without the right support. Pain in the heel and feet are two things

How do I clean my Blundstone shoes?

Shoes in your closet that really need to be serviced? It is important that your shoes are well protected against moisture and dirt, to

The production process of the leather shoe

The production process of a leather shoe is a difficult process. Before you find the shoe, you are looking for, many steps are made.

Heel spur, trying to find the perfect shoe.

Heel spur, trying to find the perfect shoe over and over again. Nothing is more annoying than buying a brand-new pair of shoes and

Blundstone the new shoe trend

You ever heard of the Chelsea boots? These boots are very popular and you steal the show as soon as you put these boots

Chelsea boots for men

My bucket list I guess i’am not the only one who has a bucketlist. Some people have a bucket list for activities, such as

Chelsea boots for women

The perfect birthday gift It’s that time of the year! My birthday is in a couple of weeks. In three weeks, I will be

Blundstone in the media

Blundstone in the fashionworld Blundstone in the media. The brand Blundstone, you can no longer ignore this stylish shoe brand. Blundstone has established itself

Blundstone, a thriving business

Blundstone, a thriving business. Finally! After a boat trip of 93 days from the United Kingdom, John Blundstone and his sons reached the mainland

About Blundstone

Blundstone, a brand with a real history. Blundstone is known for its varied range of high-quality ladies, men, children and unisex shoes. These shoes