About Blundstone

About Blundstone

About Paul Company

Paul Company a company that specializes in introducing not only new brands, but also brands that are already known in other countries. The company has been around for more than 20 years and people still enjoy working. The passion for men's shoes, women's shoes and children's shoes is great. Applying knowledge in practice, cooperation with our customers, quality, and above all, pleasure is what makes us distinctive. We will do everything to satisfy a customer. “There is a Blundstone to suit every individual. Whether you prefer city trips or your heart lies in the outdoor world” Interested in the brand? Then contact us!

Born in Tasmania

The well-known Blundstones are the most sought-after shoe of the moment due to quality, appearance, and comfort. Blundstone factory Blundstone was founded in Tasmania in 1870 and despite being a while ago, the company is still Tasmanian. Therefore, you can set up a close-knit family business. The main office is located in Hobart, Tasmania. Over the years, the Blundstone boots have evolved in style, design, technology, however, the quality has never changed. The Chelsea boots have the well-known robust appearance with two elastics on the side. The shoe can be recognized by the "pull tags" on the front and back of the shoe. This is both a tool for putting on the shoe, but also a characteristic of Blundstone.


These are more than just boots, they are Blundstone boots. You can certainly get your own Blundstones or so-called “Blunnies” in the Netherlands. Due to there being a wide range of styles offered, such as different models like 550, 587,510 and the 1306, a Blundstone will always fit your foot.

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The next step in safety

Blundstone is based on the belief that nothing beats a pair of boots that keep you safe. All our safety shoes come with a steel toecap, but that's just the beginning. Additional safety features are available on certain styles, designed to provide optimal protection against impact and penetration, plus resistance to cuts, chemicals, heat, electrical hazards, rolling forces and other foreign stimuli. View work and safety boots

Technology has never
felt so good

Since 1870, we have developed new ways to provide unparallel comfort and protection from the elements. We invest heavily in research and work with our partners to access the best and latest technologies available.

Comfortable sole

We work with the world's best suppliers, innovators and premium manufacturers to deliver underfoot comfort systems that offer superior shock absorption and comfort.

SPS System

Blundstone's sole construction is designed and built to reduce fatigue and orthopedic problems in the lower body.

Leather quality

Sourced from the world's best tanneries for superior protection against the elements and extremely long wear and tear.