Classics are the Blundstones that have a little more than the originals. We always call it something extra. In other words, the originals with some bells and whistles. The classics are made for those who dare. Thrill seekers, explorers and people who dare to walk off the path. What distinguishes a classic from an original? The inside of the classics is partly lined with leather (the instep) and the upper foot is lined with fabric. In addition, the boots are made of premium and supple leather. Designed to create the best wearing comfort and durability.

Extra insole with extra poron on the heel

The extra insole you get with it has an extra poron on the heel. This means that it provides more walking comfort. The soles can also be removed. The sole has a shock protection system, which provides extra cushioning. There is less pressure on your feet, which means that your feet are less tired, which causes fewer back problems, complaints on the hips and knees.

Blundstone Chelsea boat model 550

After paying a lot of attention to the legendary original 500, we have applied all our knowledge and integrated it into the model 550. The result is certainly impressive! Soft, durable and leather-lined lightweight ankle boots. Excellent for use on long or short walks. Walking in the forest or in the city? Wear it on a sunny day or when it rains a lot? Blundstone classics suit every weather condition and activity.

New models 2052 and 558

Just a little patience because two new Classics models are coming. Model 2052 and model 558. Model 2052 has a particularly beautiful dark green color and model 558 is the perfect combination between a classic model and the color black.

Classic models

There are several classic models: 550, 562, 585, 587, 558, 1609, 2052, 1604, 1606, 1472, 1479, 1469, 1320. Most requested classics are 550, 585, 587, 562 and 1609.