LP- Men's chelsea boots suede

Men's Chelsea boots suede

Chelsea boots men's suede

With a brand like Blundstone, a pair of good suede Chelsea boots may not be missing. Every man should have a pair of good suede Chelsea boots in his wardrobe. Suede stands for class and is always good. With a pair of Blundstone suede Chelsea boots you take your outfit to an even higher level. The suede Chelsea boots for men come in all shapes and sizes.


Our suede Chelsea boots for men come in the Original model. For the true Blundstone fan a light will go on immediately. The Originals are our most popular model. Since the beginning men walk away with our suede Chelsea boots. Comfortable, classic, tough, what more could you ask for! Suede is made from the inside of the leather. Suede feels soft and has a velvet look. Something that used to be and still is seen as top luxury. Take a look at model 1615 , an Original. The model is made of dark green suede. Suede is carefully selected from the best tanneries.

Blundstone is committed to quality. The shoes are then produced in the real Blundstone factories. This results in a pair of beautiful suede Chelsea boots for men.


The suede Chelsea boots for men are seen a lot in the street scene. The real fashion cities like Paris and Milan show the trends for each season. And the suede Chelsea boots for men are here to stay. Suede is vulnerable and should therefore be well cared for. Suede Chelsea boots for men should always be brushed carefully with a special suede brush. This brush removes dirt and keeps the hair healthy. Never use a cream or other greasy shoe care for suede. A spray is enough. In our Blundstone range we have the Blundstone waterproof spray. This waterproof spray protects the leather and keeps the material water-repellent.


The suede Chelsea boots for men are, just like the other Blundstone models, equipped with all comforts. For instance, the sole is made of PU. PU stands for polyurethane. PU provides extra flexibility and comfort. PU is injected under the suede Chelsea boots for men in the Blundstone factory. This way Blundstone is sure that the sole is attached properly. The PU also gives extra grip because of the flexibility. Therefore you don't have to be insecure and you can walk many kilometers with ease. The suede Chelsea boots for men are extremely suitable for a long walk in the city or nature.

Men's suede Chelsea boots for every occasion.

The suede Chelsea boots for men can be worn with every outfit and for every occasion. This way, you can wear the shoes during the day, but also when the evening falls at a party or a chic dinner. The suede Chelsea boots for men can be combined with a tough pair of jeans, but also with neat trousers and a shirt to complete the outfit.

The suede Chelsea boots for men also have the well-known brand labels. These labels are an extra detail and therefore the suede Chelsea boots for men of Blundstone are easy to recognize. But the brand labels do have a function. Because of these brand labels, the suede Chelsea boots for men are easy to put on and take off. The elastic on both sides gives the characteristic Chelsea boot look.

Questions? Please let us know as soon as possible, we are happy to help you in your search for your perfect suede Chelsea boots. You can reach us by phone from Monday to Friday from 9 am to 5 pm You can also reach us by mail . Follow us on the social media channels , we post Blundstone news on a daily basis.