Product materials

Product materials


Premium leather, which is 2.5 millimeters thick, provides comfort, style, easy to maintain and durable and is one of our top materials. Carefully selected leather that is in line with the latest trends. Casual boots that can be used for a business look or a more sporty, fashionable look. Chelsea boots for men in, for example, brown, black and green are popular colors. Leather Chelsea boots, a purchase you will never regret.

There are different models in leather. The dress boots in models 067 and 068, city dress boots, 1900, 1910, and the original models 500, 510, 508, 577 are popular models. Furthermore, many Blundstone sold are the Classics, 550,1609,1469,515. Leather ankle boots for women are also very popular. Models such as 1448, 1352, 1671, 1673. If you want to share your love for the shoe with your kids, take a look at the children's shoes: 1468,530,531. Need safety shoes? See model 122 or 910.


The leather is luxurious and practical. The nubuck is also water-repellent, lightweight and has a velvety finish. Nubuck is durable and has a beautiful appearance. It is a natural material, so-called wild leather. Nubuck is used extensively, because nubuck is a strong type of leather. By sanding over it with a special brush you create a velvety material. Well-known models are: 585,587,1306,562, ,1351. For kids, the 563, 565,1325 are well-selling models.

Suede shoes for men and women

Made of soft leather, with which you can perfectly explore the world. With suede, the inside of the leather is used. The most beautiful suede fabrics are selected for the production of the shoes. The inside of the leather has a sturdy and velor appearance. The smooth finish makes the suede an art in itself. Suede Chelsea boots fit in any wardrobe.

Suede Chelsea boots for men and women

We offer a wide range of suede shoes for women and men. Suede is a luxurious form of leather and gives a unique look. The comfortable fit of the sturdy Blundstones remains, only the material changes. Models such as the 1615, 1910 and 1911 are bestsellers. The 565 always works well for kids . All three of these models are unique in color, namely dark olive, Tobacco and Steel gray. If you are going for a chic outfit or a daily outfit, suede boots are always a good idea. In addition, the suede Blundstones, like the other models, are also water-repellent.