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Vegan shoes men

Vegan boots Blundstone 2116 - vegan shoes women - vegan shoes men

Vegan shoes for men are the shoes of our time. A pair of men's vegan shoes belongs in your wardrobe. Many designers and brands slowly started incorporating vegan leather into the products they made years ago. With this, vegan leather started to have a face in the world. Vegan leather is not yet well known and not everyone even knows about the existence of vegan leather. Not much is known about vegan leather yet.

Blundstone was also very enthusiastic and also looked at the vegan shoes for men. Blundstone has a huge range of Chelsea boots. A wide range of different types of materials, such as leather, nubuck and suede. There are also Blundstone Chelsea boots for every foot. A range of classics that are broader than, for example, originals. Classics boots are lined with leather and always come with an extra sole. Originals are narrower than classics. Womens Chelsea boots that are specially made for the Blundstone ladies and city dress boots especially for the men. In addition to the above categories, there are dress boots in different colors.

Why choose vegan shoes men

A vegan shoe is an addition to your closet. But what exactly is vegan? Vegan is an extremely popular concept these days. You also encounter it everywhere, for example in restaurants and the food industry. There is also an increasing demand for vegan food. People who don't eat meat sometimes do it because they don't like it, but most do it for the well-being of the animals.

Vegan shoes for men are made from material that is not animal-based. Non-animal material is used for the fashion industry. Blundstone is a brand that continuously innovates and improves. A plant-based style for life in both food and fashion. Blundstone uses good quality products and this includes vegan shoes for men.

Vegan leather and the use of vegan shoes men

The range will include two items with vegan certified Chelsea boots in the Benelux. The vegan certified Blundstone Chelsea boots are available in black and brown. The insoles can be removed from the shoes and the vegan certified Blundstone boots are characterized by the green text on the pull tabs. The vegan shoes for men are made of 100% vegan microfiber and are water-repellent just like the rest of the Blundstone range.

How do you combine the vegan shoes for men?

The vegan shoes men in model 2115 are a beautiful black Chelsea boot. The comfort that everyone has come to expect from every Blundstone model, only with a vegan certified Blundstone model. The stylish Blundstone boot 2115 is easy to combine with jeans or trousers. If you prefer the color brown, model 2116 is the model that matches your outfit perfectly. Combine the boots with a T-shirt, hoodie or shirt. The boots can be combined with different outfits and styles.

Why people like Blundstone so much

Blundstones are made of leather and the sole of PU. A sole made of PU material has many advantages, being lightweight and extremely comfortable to walk on. A disadvantage of PU is that the material can hydrolyze. If you regularly walk in shoes, this is rarely the case. Would you like advice about your vegan shoes for men or do you have questions? We are ready for you! We can be reached by telephone but also by email . In addition to email and telephone, you can always reach us via our social media channels. We always enjoy it when our fans post content with Blundstone. Post your photo and we will share the post in our feed.