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Steel-toed shoes

Werkschoenen kopen bij Blundstone - Model 122 - Schoenen met stalen neus - veiligheidsschoen

Steel-toed shoes can be a relief when you are doing heavy work and there is a chance that something heavy or sharp could fall on your toes. In many professions, shoes with a steel toecap are even compulsory. For example, if you are a construction worker and you spend a lot of time on the building site, it is important that your feet/toes are protected. Blundstone Benelux has two steel toecap shoes in its range. Both shoes have their own identity. Both shoes with a steel-toe, model 910 has a creep-toe as well.

Blundstone comfort arch footbed 910


Blundstone Voetbed
Comfort Arch

Steel-toed shoes with an excellent comfort, we are 100% sure about that!

Steel-toed shoes, that’s what Blundstone specialises in. Blundstone has always been a steel toecap manufacturer. Blundstone made enormous quantities of steel toecap and non-steel toecap shoes. The comfort is so excellent that it quickly went around the world. Besides the fact that people found the steel toe shoes to be great boots for work. There was an enormous demand for Blundstone boots that could be worn in daily life, after you had finished work.

How to take care of your steel-toed shoes?

shoe care is a must for leather shoes. All Blundstones are made of leather, suede and nubuck. Besides these leather types, vegan Blundstones will also be added to the range. Besides the “fashion” range, the shoes with steel toecap also need care. The cool shoe with steel toecap in brown is model 122. Model 122 is brown in colour and has the true Blundstone look. You can take care of model 122 by using the polish. The polish is made of beeswax. This wax makes the shoes water-repellent and the wax nourishes the leather.

What is the difference between model 122 en 910?

One of the biggest differences is the colour. Model 910 is a black Blundstone and model 122 is made of brown leather. besides the colour there are a few more differences which are important to mention. Model 910 has a creep-toe. This means that when you often hit the ground with the nose of your shoe, its better to go for model 910. This model has extra protection at the toe compared to model 122. In case you only need shoes wit a steel toe it’s perfect to go for model 122.

Blundstone 122-562 schoenen met stalen neus

Free shipping and returns for steel-toed shoes

The steel toecap shoes are sent to you free of charge. If the size is not right, you can of course return the steel toecap free of charge. Order your favourite steel toecap before 4 p.m. and your order will be processed the same day. We are also very curious how you experience the safety boots! We love to see your content and we will repost it on our social media channels!