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It is impossible to imagine the world without Blundstone women's boots. Everywhere you walk you will come across a pair of Blundstones. There is a large collection available for you to choose from. The Blundstone women's range comes in different materials, such as leather, nubuck, suede and even vegan certified boots. Besides the materials, there are different colours and Blundstone categories

There is a special Blundstone women's collection, with models such as 1351 in a rustic brown color and model 1448 black. The Blundstone ladies collection consists of somewhat higher Blundstone models. The ladies models have a higher elastic band and embroidery in the leather. The Blundstone models are elegant, fashionable and trendy. The boots will last for years and fit every occasion.

Blundstone women's boots that fit every woman

So there is a special Blundstones women's collection, but there are several categories. There are classics, originals, dress boots and vegan boots. Originals are slightly narrower than the classics and are not lined with leather. The classics are a bit wider and are therefore always delivered with an extra sole. Apart from the soles, the classics are lined with leather on the inside. Then we have the dress boots, which are also very popular with the ladies. These Blundstone dress boots have a somewhat square-like nose.

If you really like Blundstones, but don't want to wear leather, then the vegan certified Blundstones are the perfect match for you. The vegan certified Blundstones are available in black and brown. There are also new Blundstones coming out, which fall under the active series. These Blundstone ladies active boots have a different sole than the rest of the Blundstone collection. Besides that, the actives are lighter than the rest of the Blundstone ladies. The active series are ideal for activities and to take the chelsea boots on holiday.

How to style your Blundstones

Blundstones are easy to combine and are boots that can be worn all year round. In the summer you combine for example model 510 black from the Original collection with a paur of shorts and a shirt.The Blundstone women's boots are often worn to festivals. This because the boots are so comfy and easy to clean.You can also dance for hours on your festival boots, without getting tired feet. You prefer the brown color, maybe model 550 is something for you.

Combine the brown women's series Blundstone with a beautiful summer floral dress or a skirt. There are also many ladies who wear Blundstones when they go to work in the garden. Combine model 1615, a waxed suede green Original. Waxed suede is easy to maintain with a suede brush and with the Blundstone waterproofing spray. Other cool Blundstone women's boots are 2031 and 2032. Both are black Originals. However they have silver and gold elastics on the sides. Which makes them very suitable for a party.

Blundstone women's boots advice

Customer service is top priority at Blundstone Benelux. So you can always come to us for the best advice, for example about the size or the model that suits you best. Do you order the boots online and do you have doubts about the size while trying them on at home? Please call us and together we will check which Blundstone model fits you best and if the size is right. Place your favourite Blundstone ladies model on Instagram and facebook, we will repost it!