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Blundstone sale

Blundstone sale Blundstone sale is a term that Blundstone hardly ever uses. Blundstone is a brand that never stunts with prices. There is no fixed price brand and there is no Blundstone sale. The Blundstone sale that we sometimes have is a Blundstone sale of 10% on very special days. The Blundstone sale can be counted on one hand and is very special. We never have more than 15% discount on Blundstones.

Blundstone outlet or sale on illegal websites

There are several Blundstone sales online. A Blundstone sale should ring several bells. There is no Blundstone sale and when sites stunt with prices, you know it's not right. Online Blundstones are sometimes offered up to 70% off. However, it is then the case that you pay nicely, but you never receive the Blundstones. So pay close attention to the sites you are shopping on and check the url. Do not be tempted by a Blundstone sale, because that is simply not true. Sometimes a Blundstone boot is sold with a 10% or 20% discount, but that is the last pair. We supply all shops in the Benelux, so we can give you good advice about the different outlets and Blundstone categories. Have you visited a site and do you have any questions about the Blundstone sale? Ask us your questions about a Blundstone outlet or the Blundstone ladies sale and we will be happy to answer them.

Blundstone models

Before we talk about a Blundstone sale at all, you should know what different Blundstone categories and thus models exist. Every Blundstone category has its own fit. For every Blundstone fan there is a right fit and thus the perfect Blundstone to be found.

Blundstone classic

The classic category is lined with leather on the inside and comes with an extra sole. The extra soles are included, because the classic series is slightly wider than the other Blunstones. The classic series is available in different colours and materials. All classic series have the same fit, only the colour and material is different.

Blundstone original

The Blundstone original is just a bit narrower than the classics. No extra soles are supplied with the originals. All originals are made on the same last and therefore have the same fit. The originals are available in different materials and colours.

Blundstone dress boots

The Bundstone dress boots are chelsea boots with a care nose. This is a square-like nose. Blundstone dress boots are elegant and stylish. All dress boots have the same fit. The boots are available in different materials and colours. The dress boots are a little wider than the classics and the originals. Always choose a half size to a full size smaller.

Blundstone womens

The special women's collection is a bit narrower than the originals, classics and dress boots. The entrance is narrower than you are used to with other boots. The ladies collection is slightly higher and has beautiful brogue stitching on the side of the elastic. The ladies collection is available in various colours and materials.

Blundstone city dress boots

The men's collective city dress boots are super stylish. The city dress boots fall in size, but are somewhat narrower than other Blundstone categories. The city dress are smooth and can be worn with every outfit. These boots are also ideal to wear to work.

Blundstone heritage

The heritage Blundstone chelsea boots are made goodyear welted. The heritage 152 are the most exclusive Blundstone boots. The shoes have a double stiching en model 152 has a leather sole.

Delivery of your Blundstone boots

Orders placed before 4 p.m. will be processed the same day. There are several payment methods and also post-payment. Share your Blundstone moment with us and we will share your Blundstone content on our social media channels.