LP - Brown leather women's chelsea boots

Brown leather women's chelsea boots, the

Bruine Chelsea boots dames The brown chelsea boots ladies are real classics in the collection of Blundstone Australia. Brown is a colour that matches all shades and can be worn in summer and winter. The brown chelsea boots are part of every product line within the Blundstone brand. We have the Classics, Originals, Dress boots and the Women's series. This way we offer the best brown chelsea boots for every woman and every foot.

The Classics

First of all, the Classics, as the name suggests, a true classic. The Blundstone connoisseurs among us will undoubtedly have a pair of Classics in their closet. The Classics are known for the slightly wider fit. This makes these brown chelsea boots ideal for women with a higher instep or wider foot. But no worries for the ladies with a low instep or normal to narrow foot. Because the Classic model is wider, every pair of Classics comes with a pair of extra insoles. In this way, everyone can create their own optimal wearing comfort. The Classics are also available as real brown chelsea boots ladies.

The Dress boots

Similar to the Classic models are the Dress boots. The brown chelsea boots ladies from the Dress boots series also have a wider fit. The dress boots are also brown chelsea boots for women and have a more square nose. The advice for Dress boots is always to take a half to one size smaller. With the dress boots, it is not bad to have some extra space at the heel, the toes may also have some extra space to move freely. Sometimes this is experienced as less pleasant, this space can be filled by the use of an extra insole. This way you experience the ideal wearing comfort with your brown Chelsea boots ladies. The most important thing with brown chelsea boots is the connected instep. The shoe should fit nicely on the instep of the foot. Apart from that, your own opinion and what you experience as comfort is also important.

The Originals and Women’s series

Naast de Classic en de Dress boots zijn er nog meer bruine chelsea boots dames. Allereerst de bruine chelsea boots dames van het Original model, net zoals de Classic een begrip in de collectie van Blundstone. De Originals hebben een ronde neus en vallen mooi op maat. Deze schoen wordt daarom sneller gedragen door vrouwen met een normale tot smalle voet. Neem bijvoorbeeld model 500, een van de prachtige bruine chelsea boots voor dames. Model 500 is gemaakt van glad leer in de kleur stout brown. Dit is te vergelijken met een mooie diep kastanjebruine kleur.

Als laatst zijn er de modellen uit de Women’s series. Deze Women’s series heeft ook een waanzinnig mooie bruine chelsea boots dames. Bijvoorbeeld model 1351. Blundstone model 1351 is gemaakt van nubuckleer. Dit leer is geschuurd waardoor het een stoere look krijgt. De kleur is een mix van verschillende tinten bruin.

100% real chelsea boots

All brown chelsea boots ladies are characterised by the nice fit and optimal comfort. The shoes have elastic on both sides. This elastic is sometimes in the colour of the shoe and sometimes different. The Blundstone sole is fully equipped and ensures that you will walk many miles without effort. The special SPS system and polyurethane provide extra flexibility, comfort and grip during a long walk. The brown chelsea boots ladies can be used for any occasion. During the day under a tough pair of jeans and when the evening falls, the brown chelsea boots are easy to wear with a dress. Questions or comments? We will be happy to help you. You can reach us by telephone every Monday to Friday between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. You can also reach us by mail or via social media