Chelsea boots for women

Chelsea boots for women

The perfect birthday gift

It’s that time of the year! My birthday is in a couple of weeks. In three weeks, I will be part of ‘the big 30’. I wasn’t looking forward to it, but now it is getting closer I am starting to accept it. After 29 incredible birthdays, it is time to think about what I want to do with my 30th birthday. Every year my friends and family ask me: ‘’ Anne, what would you like to have for your birthday?’’ Every year I give them a few options. However, this year it’s actually very difficult. I am out of inspiration and my birthday is in three weeks, please help!

No inspiration...?

Besides not having inspiration for my birthday gifts, I also have no idea about how to celebrate my birthday. My friends and family are used to a big birthday party every year, were they can have a get together. Often these are parties with about 30 people. This year I want to do things differently. I found out that I want to celebrate my birthday only with the people I am really close with. I would like to have the people around me, I am really close with and whom I am grateful for. Those are the people who gave been there for me in the past. Conclusion: I do what I want to do, and I invite my dearest friends/family.

I just created a group chat, that’s easier to communicate. I nomited Isabel and Nura (my 2 best friends) as the organizers for my little birthday party. A few moments later Isabel calls me and she says: ‘’really nice! Do you already know how to celebrate? And what do you want as a present?’’ Before I could answer I heard Nura talking on the background. Nura said: ‘’Yes Anne…Do you know anything nice yet?’’ I had already come up with a few things last week and I gave them a few options. ‘’Don’t you have all of that already?’’ Nura said. ‘’Uhm yes that could be right’’. I indicated that I really do not know what I exactly want, I like everything as long as I can celebrate my birthday with them. However, I know Isabel and Nura pretty well and I know they will come up with a great present after all. Normally people are always on the right side when you give something as a perfume, earrings or fashionable shoes. Choices, choices…

The big day

Finally, it’s the big day, today I turned 30. Hip hip hooray! I started the day in a relaxed way. I drank my first cup of coffee and the first people send me messages on my phone. In the past I always liked to congratulate everyone by phone, however nowadays, with the technology it’s normal to send a quick happy birthday message.

As I mentioned before, I am going to celebrate my birthday tonight with a small group of people. I just bought some drinks and snacks, the fun will come naturally

Oh, en over die cadeaus gesproken. Ik heb gisterenavond dus online dé geweldigste boots EVER gezien. Ze zijn niet alleen fashionable, maar ook nog eens waterafstotend én comfortabel. Het zijn de Chelsea Boots voor dames van het merk Blundstone. Deze vind ik wel te gek. Misschien is er een kans dat iemand die mij heel goed kent deze boots heeft gekocht voor mijn verjaardag. Mocht dat niet zo zijn, dan bestel ik ze alsnog lekker zelf, ze zijn zo gaaf. Ik ben namelijk al enige tijd verliefd op model 510! Dit model zijn chelsea boots voor dames, maar ook perfect voor heren! Wat ik zo schattig vind, is dat model 531 de kindere chelsea boots zijn van Blundstone..! Zo cute!!

The birthday presents

The first people arrive, it is already fun after a few minutes. After half an hour everyone arrived and I received the first gifts. I got a wonderful perfume from Anouk and a very nice sweater from my friend Naomi. I love it! However, now it’s time for the ‘big’ gift from Isabel and Naomi. Bring it on…

The Chelsea boots for men and women

I just can’t believe it! How is this possible… Isabel and Nura bought the exact same chelsea boots from Blundstone! I am surprised and enthusiastic at the same time. As you can see, real friends know you wishes. I put on the boots immediately and the fit like a glove. I will never take them off! I secretly think that I will buy another pair, because they are so beautiful. I checked the Blundstone website, they have all kind of models. Shopping time has begun!

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