The Blundstone hiking boots

The Blundstone hiking boots

Going for a long walk, who doesn't love that? Getting out and about in nature or the city with your Blundstone hiking shoes. Hiking can be done in many different areas. The terrain of these areas is not always the same and therefore good walking shoes are a must. It can be a flat area or a less flat area and the ground can be very hard or soft. It is therefore important to make sure that you use a walking shoe that offers a lot of support. The Blundstone walking shoe is the most suitable for this and offers, in addition to the right support, also a lot of comfort. A special Blundstone hiking shoe does not exist because all Blundstone models are made for hiking.

Fit of the Blundstone hiking shoe

When hiking, it's important that your Blundstone hiking shoe is soft and comfortable throughout the day, so that you can minimize any discomfort to your feet, ankles, knees or back. What's really nice about the Blundstone walking shoe is that they mold themselves to your lifestyle, the fit and the way you use them. Over time, the leather becomes more and more flexible, while still maintaining its shape and strength. With all Blundstones you can walk. Classics, Originals or Dress boots, for example, are the ideal hiking boots. Many of our fans take their Blundstone boots with them on vacations, so they can be sure they'll be comfortable walking.

Breathable leather

When you take long walks, your feet naturally start to sweat a little. For this, too, leather shoes are the right choice as a walking shoe. Leather is in fact a natural material that breathes well. This ensures that you will actually suffer from sweaty feet as little as possible. The leather shoes will give a nice feeling of comfort when you wear them during your walk. Blundstones are available in leather, nubuck, suede and vegan.

Strong material

Leather is a very strong material that lasts a long time. It retains its quality over the years. Leather can withstand heavy use, drought, water and can even withstand fire if treated. Because leather is such a strong and high-quality material, it offers the right support and gives a lot of support and comfort to the ankles during a walk. Because a hiking shoe made of leather is so strong and of good quality, this shoe is suitable for every generation. Everyone from young to old will enjoy a leather hiking shoe. All Blundstones are water repellent and not waterproof. We do have Blundstone thermal boots in the collection from October 2021. These boots are 100% water resistant.

Timeless and boots for the whole year

Leather is also dust free. It will certainly continue to look nice. In addition, leather goods are always in fashion and are a hallmark of those who appreciate quality. Leather shoes are therefore very timeless. Over the years, your Blundstone hiking shoe will remain very suitable to wear under your outfit that is fashionable. Leather boots are easy to combine with a sporty outfit, but also with a casual/chic outfit. We are happy to advise on this and look forward to receiving your content. We repost content from our fans all the time!

Good investment

Leather shoes are a good investment because they are so timeless. At first, leather products seem a bit more expensive than products made from other materials. However, leather lasts much longer, making this material suitable for getting much more value for your money. For years, you will be able to continue to enjoy wearing the same pair of shoes while hiking on different types of terrain.