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Blundstone kids chelsea boots

The cute Blundstone kids boots are the ideal kids shoes. The Blundstone kids collection all have a sturdy footbed and the beautiful children's feet can grow well in the shoes. Blundstone kids it is! Underneath all Blundstones there's a good footbed, also under the kids shoes. It is essential that children have a good and solid footbed. Children walk a lot, because they are real adventurers.

When you go on an adventure, it is important to wear a good shoe. If you do not have a good shoe, you will get blisters or tired feet. If your feet are tired, you won't be able to make any good discoveries. With Blundstones kids, you don't have to worry about this. The range for Blundstone kids is quite wide. Various materials and colours are available. This means there is always a perfect pair of Blundstones for your little one.


The Blundstone kids boots come with extra insoles.

All Blundstone kids models come with an extra pair of insoles. Because extra insoles are supplied with the kids Blundstone, you can use the shoes for a longer period of time. If you buy the shoes just a bit too big, you can put in the extra insoles and if they are a bit on the small side after a few months, you can remove the extra soles and your child will be able to enjoy the Blundstone kids boots for a while. The Blundstones are generally sturdy shoes, but they are not designed for children who brake with the noses on their bicycles. The toes then become bald, but these are extreme cases. Blundstones are sold worldwide in huge numbers and once a Blundstone fan, Blundstone means a fan forever.

Blundstone kids stylde advice

Blundstone kids are the boots for your little one. The boots are super easy to combine for both boys and girls. For girls, we have a great model with silver glitter, model 2096. Model 2032 has glitter elastics as well! Which means twinning with your kids! We also have Blundstones for men that are the same as the Blundstone kids. Think of model587 which can be combined with Blundstone kids model 1325 Both Blundstone models are made of the material nubuck in the colour rustic black. The Blundstone kids bestseller 565 in rustic brown can also be combined with model 585. Model 585 is a classic and has the colour rustic brown. If you are more of a dress boots fan, then model 1306 fits perfectly with the Blundstone kids bestseller 565.

Blundstone kids shoe care

Blundstone are made of leather, suede or nubuck. All three are leather and leather needs maintenance. All Blundstone are water-repellent and you need to maintain them. In our assortment we have several maintenance products for the Blundstone kids. There are different renovating creams for the different types of leather. For example the renovating cream black is very suitable for the Blundstone kids model.531.
With the renovating cream, you feed the leather and take care of the preservation of the colour. To keep the boots water-repellent again, you have to use the waterproof spray.The spray makes sure that your boots are waterproof.

For the nubuck types there is a colourless renovating cream that ensures the preservation of the Blundstone kids shoes. If you have bought a smooth leather Blundstone kids, like model 531 in black smooth leather. Then you can also opt for the shoe polish. The shoe polish is made of bee wax and nourishes the leather. The polish keeps the leather supple and fresh however it also makes the shoes water-repellent.With the shoe polish you are ready in one go. Does your child shine in Blundstone boots, share it on your social media channels. We will repost it on our social media channels